Revision Memo On, At the Moment of Death

At the Moment of Death is a piece I wrote to help better my understanding in a rather complicated area of metaphysics.  I think this piece comes of on more of a spiritual note, and that is something that I really like about this piece.  During my revision process I read a mentor text by the name of, An incomplete list, here is a link,  This text was very interesting to me as it goes into great detail explaining the many pointless things in our day to day lives.  While I did not make many revisions to my piece, it was nice to read another where the author is taking an outside perspective.  I feel that going this route really allows for a more in depth explanation as it is typically free of distraction and objectivity/subjectivity, or vice versa.  As for the standard I choose to follow I did standard, ELAGSE11-12W3.  Obviously you have no idea what this standard is if you have not seen it, so to summarize, it concerns the development of a narrative writing, and deals with things like text structure, detail, engagement, subject matter/topic, as well as various writing techniques.  I did not feel the need to make many changes to my narrative mainly because I had already done so previously, regardless, the revision process as a whole was very beneficial, and I feel that the mentor text and standard that I choose really helped to better my understanding of different forms of writing as well as helping with my ability to revise my own work.  At the Moment of Death is a piece that I feel helps to express my opinions as well as some of my beliefs, if you have any questions or feedback regarding this memo or “At the Moment of Death”, please feel free to contact me any time.



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